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Welcome 2014


Time does fly, just like my flying coin routine, and 2014 has commenced with one month almost already passed!

With so much happening between October 2013 and the first week of January 2014, I did not have much time to keep everyone updated with the various events, Lola Palmer and I were attending and performing at.

First things first. Lola Palmer has now got her own blog, so I urge you to go and visit it here:

On our return from China, where we were performing during the Happy Valley International Magic Festival in Beijing, last October 2013, I was contacted by popular article journalist Ramona Portelli who has interviewed hundreds of Maltese celebrities and personalities, as she wanted to interview me for the popular local Sunday newspaper, Kulhadd. This is the second time that I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ramona, the first time way back being in 2001, on our return from our second long term international contract in Spain.

Ramona Portelli Interviews Brian Role` on local Sunday Newspaper Kullhad

Ramona Portelli Interviews Brian Role` on local Sunday Newspaper Kullhad

You may read the whole interview here: interview is written in Maltese, however it can be translated to English via online translation machines such as Google Translate.  Update 2018. The link above to the online interview is no longer available, apparently it has been archived in pdf format that can be found here at the following link in pdf format. Unfortunately it  cannot be translated but we will get it translated for you at a later date. Also below is a better screen shot of the interview since the previous was a scan of the actual newspaper it was originally printed on.


During the whole month of December we had been busy performing all over the island. From the start of the month (actually the end of the previous month) until Christmas Eve, I was performing at the Model Shop in B’kara. This was a great experience that got me close to people. Several events and a continuation of shows flowed in at the Chamber of Mysteries dinner show and those kept going until the first week of January. To add tot he pressure I was involved in several shows for children all over the island, most of which were private and some others that were public, such as those at the Malta National Aquarium in Qawra and that of Istrina at the Mediterranean Conference Center in Valletta.

On Christmas Eve I had two very special shows, that were fantastic. One was in the morning and the other was an early night one that finished at 20:30. By 22.00 we were sharing Christmas Eve with some friends at the cosy Tomabnina Wine Room in Mgarr. This was very different from the past 14 Christmas Eves that were usually spent in 5 star hotels where we were performing or very late nights packing things up and travelling as we were doing in India or as to that of last year that was spent on the Color Magic cruise ship that was harbored in Kiel Germany. On Christmas Day,  New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day, Lola and I were performing at the Splash and Fun Theme Park in Bahar Ic-Caghaq were we provided our full scale illusion show for the patrons that attended. we know that water parks are usually associated with summer time splashes, but the park is organizing itself providing more activities during the winter and there are sweet nice rides for children. Our show was held in their theatre with a nice size stage. It was great as we were surrounded by friendly welcoming staff and people!

Brian & Lola perform at Splash and Fun

Brian & Lola perform at Splash and Fun

We had a short break between the 13th and 26th of Jnauary, not much was happening them apart from a couple of private shows. So we decided to take the time to clear out our warehouse and get rid of some old things to make way for the new. That mission is now almost accomplished and we’ve managed to make clearance for some great new illusions on their way to Malta right now! Work commenced again on January 26th and we have not stopped yet until today that is. Tomorrow we start again and continue to provide magic and illusion shows just about almost every day until the end of March.


On Wednesday 5th February we recommence Malta’s Most Amazing Show at the Chamber of Mysteries. If things go as planned, we will not stop giving regular weekly shows there until December! On February 14th I have a special performance but can not release further details at this point however I will as soon as possible, perhaps on my Facebook Page. We will be having two major shows in March, one at the beginning and one towards the end. More information will released about these, especially about the one in the beginning of March past Valentine’s day.

Do stay in tune and keep in touch, there are several ways to do so. The best is to stay connected via my FaceBook Page where there seems to be a great following!

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