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The Chamber of Mysteries Dinner Show Malta

Chamber of Mysteries Dinner and Show in Malta

Where can people can go and watch astounding magic and illusion in Malta all year round? Only at The Chamber of Mysteries Dinner Show, the only ongoing show of its kind in Malta!

Apart from being an unique attraction for tourists, it is a great night out of entertainment for everyone. In addition it is also a focus point of many television interviews and features. As a matter of fact, we have a video from one of those features further below for you to watch!

Exclusive Acts During The Show

Despite his several performances in Malta and abroad, all the acts (apart from just a few signature acts) showing at the Chamber of Mysteries are exclusive to the show. The shows is set in a small theatre, designed specifically for the it. The show is available on a weekly basis all year round except when Brian and Lola are performing abroad.

Magician Malta Dinner showDuring the show, guests experience magic, illusions and mind reading. All this is done in an intimate close up environment.  There’s really no other experience like it!

Brian and Lola have created a way in order to present famous stage illusions in a close up manner. In addition,  people assist them, up close, during various acts throughout the show. Tables fly over people’s heads, objects levitate and borrowed items vanish and end up in unexpected places. Then there’s Brian’s mind reading acts where he reads people’s minds and make the most amazing predictions. Everything is live and people watch the show at very close quarters.

Chamber of Mysteries Dinner Show Malta
Thousands of Visits

Since the show’s opening in 2011, audiences from all over the world are now in the thousands. They come to witness the magic live and to enjoy the unique experience. Many of them book months in advance to due to the limits on availability.

Times of Malta - Magician MaltaIn June 2016, Brian and Lola were awarded the IMS Merlin Award, the most prestigious award in magic, for their show at the Chamber of Mysteries. Holders of this award include the likes of the world’s most acclaimed magicians including David Copperfield, Criss Angel and Siegfried and Roy amongst many other famous magicians. The award is considered to be the equivalent to an Oscar for Magic.

Malta Magician Brian Role and Lola Palmer hounoured with IMS Merlin Magic AwardThroughout the years, the show gains constant recognition the world over. For instance, interviews on international television and camera crews from abroad visiting to interview Brian and Lola and capture some moments from the show .  Here’s one of those features from a Russian television show below.

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