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Mighty Fun & Medieval Wizardry – Medieval Mdina 2018

Medieval Wizardry Show Mdina 2018

As in previous editions, Brian and Lola will participate during the Medieval Mdina Festival this year. The festival will take place in Noble City of Mdina on the 5th and 6th May 2018.  Brian & Lola prepare a unique blend of Medieval Wizardry for the occasion. They will offer several performances taking place in the main square of Mdina opposite the Cathedral.

Back to Medieval Times

Visitors will go back to medieval times with a range of spectacular reenactments from various groups both local and international. Expect exciting battles, people dressed in their superb armory and medieval displays of all types. Get to watch Brian and Lola perform their craft with surrounding people during their show, ‘Medieval Wizardry’ taking place in the main square of the Silent City.

A range of food stalls with specialties for the occasion and medieval markets with various artisan works will be available.

This is an enjoyable experience for all the family and because it takes place in the noblest city of Europe it is unique and un-missable.

Brian and Lola are the resident magicians during all editions of the Medieval Mdina Festival.

For more info about the visit this link:

Medieval Wizardry – The story so far.

The mysterious lady escapes the castle when the guards fall asleep during the earliest hours of the morning. As she makes her escape through the enchanted forest, she encounters the ‘wizard of the forest’ who casts his spell over her. Together they end up in the midst of modern times where magic is an enjoyable art and not a condemnable act.

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