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Eurovision Song Contest News – Brian’s magic at JESC 2014

MagicianMalta Brian Role

Brian performs his magic for the Junior Eurovision Song Festival in Malta.

Brian is performing for some extraordinary young singer at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta. These are really great kids with lots of vocal talent, some perhaps will become the stars of tomorrow.  And Brian is right there entertaining them with some extraordinary magic, while they relax in between sessions. They are loving the magic Brian is providing for them and all are show full of enthusiasm despite themselves being quite excited by the contest.

Brian says, “It was great performing for these young singers. There is so much talent during this year’s edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest here in Malta.

And here is Brian, just after performing a trick for these twins. “Had fun performing for the Bulgarian pianist duo. I love the following photo I took with them. They are great little lads, full of talent. I wish them lots of luck in the future. “

Brian also gets a chance to perform for Federica Falzon, Malta’s own contestant for this year. This is what he has to say about meeting and performing for her.

“Had a ball meeting and talking to Malta’s very own Federica Falzon.  Then if that isn’t enough performing some of my magic for her and for the young Italian singer Vincenzo Cantiello.”

“Met many others, some photos are on my Facebook page, but here’s a special one I keep at heart with Federica and Vincenzo!”

Vincenzo Cantiello went on to win the contest of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2014. 

This is not the first time that Brian Role` is performing magic in connection with the Eurovision Song Contest. As a matter of fact you may watch a video of one of his most amazing prediction here

Magician in Malta Predicts Eurovision Song Contest


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