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International Magician And Magic Moments In The Sky

Magic in The Sky International Magician Brian Role

International Magician Brian Role` has a moment of real magic in the skies

Brian has encountered many unique moments in his life as an international magician performing magic all over the world. But none can match this!

In late 2018, something strange and exciting happened during Brian’s travels. Imagine boarding a plane only to find out that you are all alone! Being a magician, it’s only natural to think of creating some magic in the sky.

International Magician Brian Role` was traveling back to Malta after a very important event in London. There he was engaged to provide his close-up magic for all those present at a Fintech convention. His trip was quite a normal one. However, his flight back to Malta was quite a special one.

Luckily Brian captured these moments on his mobile cam and has decided to release and share the content with his followers!

Watch this unique moment when Brian defies gravity with a micro illusion flying solo 30,000 ft up in the air aboard an airbus. Being a magician, it’s only natural to think of creating some magic in the sky.  One of the members of the crew thankfully filmed it!

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Is Brian The Only Person To Have Encountered This Kind Of Magic In The Sky?

Brian is not the only person in the world to encounter such a situation, a quick Google search reveals many situations like this. But Brian seems to be the first international magician to perform magic in such a strange situation.


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