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Esplora Malta – Magic At The Museum

Magician in Malta performing science magic show for opening of Esplora in Malta

Magician in Malta performing science magic show

Defiance of Science Magic Show

Esplora Malta officially opens in Bighi and thousands flock to come and experience fascinating science in a different manner. Those attending the official launch of the Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Bighi, were in for a great surprise. This when coming across Brian Role`, in a lab coat, defying scientific facts by amazing magical feats.  The opening of one of Europe’s largest science centers is one of the biggest events happening this year. Because of this there was much anticipation by the crowds flocking to the event.

The Science Magic Show by the Magician in Malta

At Esplora Malta, Brian crossed the lone between science and magic. Using popular science experiments he goes on to defies the, explaining the difference between science and magic.

Mouths opened, eyes popped out when Brian pushed solid things through other solids and made things vanish and re-appear at will. More so when he made things defy gravity.  Brian entertained children and adults alike Using nothing but ordinary objects, both with the help of someone present. His presentation proves that what one can achieve through ‘magic’ cannot always be explained by science. 

Magician in Malta performing science magic show for opening of Esplora in Malta

The imagination of those present was struck by the defiance of all logic. This especially when the impossible happens in their hands, under their noses and right in front of their eyes.

Esplora Malta

Esplora Malta is set out to be a very popular fun and educational attraction. It’s the first of its kind attraction in Malta. The project aims to cultivate a scientific curiosity encouraging visitors to explore, think and imagine. There is an exciting Activity Centre for visitors to experience hands-on workshops and entertaining science shows.  The center sets out to making science relevant to our everyday lives in theory and application.

Brian is aiming to bring more shows of this kind to his audience. Apart from science magic shows, Brian is able to theme a magical show to suit any other subject of interest. Therefore, if you have a project in mind the Brian may be in a position to assist you with creative ideas. His vast experience in consultation on magic and illusion effects offers clients a vast source of information. So be sure to be in good hands of a real creative. When seeking consultation for any event, where you may require some new modern magical effects, make sure contact Brian. 

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