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Children enter a world of magic and meet professor Snape! – Harry Potter Themed Magic Show in Malta

Harry Potter Themed Magic Show Malta

Watch As Brian Creates Pure Magic
In Harry Potter Themed Show
At The Verdala Palace

On the 11th and 12th of May, doors of the Verdala Palace in Dingli, were open to the general public for a special event. Through this event people entered a world of fantasy and magic.  This happened during the event ‘Mela darba… Fil-Kastel’ (meaning ‘Once upon a time…In the Castle”) , organised by the Community Chest Fund, under the patronage of the President of the Republic Of Malta, H.E Dr. George Ablea.  The President and the First Lady were present throughout the event that attracted thousands of people from all over the island.

A Magical Venue For A Magical Event

Verdala Palace is the official summer residence of the President of the Republic of Malta. It is truly a mystical and magical place. However, and in spite of the palace’s natural and magical beauty, the whole palace was further transformed. The rooms and chambers all transformed into a world of imagination and fantasy allowing minds to run free. It’s doors opening, welcoming children into a dream like fairy tale and most unique atmosphere. The main ballroom, that usually hosts several dignitaries, this time serving a different and unique purpose. However this time it is serving as a school of magic. In there, people get to see Brian performing as Professor Snape in a Harry Potter Theme Magic Show. Brian was entrusted to create the show to serve as the main attraction during the event.

Everyone is grateful that H.E. opened the venue allowing people to experience something so rare and unique.  Families could see Sleeping beauty, the Three Little Pigs and many other well known fairy tales come to life in the palace’s grand rooms. The main attraction amongst those visiting defiantly was ‘Snape’s Magic’ in a Harry Potter themes show. This is proved by the children’s comments in the news feature above.

Queues Of People Miles Long

Although expected to be popular, no one could have imagined the number of people, in the thousands, flocking up to the gates of the palace. As a matter of fact, queues measuring several miles of people did not stop throughout the days, waiting to step into the magical kingdom. While 12 shows of the Harry Potter themed show a day were planned to take place during the two days, Brian ended up performing almost 50 shows. Thousands were able to watch Professor Snape (Brian Role`)  conjure up his magic leaving an amazing feeling throughout.

Professor Snape promises to return in the near future to give more of his magic for those who couldn’t make it or were not lucky enough to see it this time!

Photo by Ray Attard

A great thank you goes to everyone making this event possible. From all the coordinators, light and visual designers to the several helpers present during both days. A special thank you goes to Lourdes C Palmer for ensuring the smooth running of the technical aspect of Brian’s show.

And finally a big thank you all those people turning up in the thousands on both days.

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