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Brian Role’ Brings Magic To Book by Germaine Moody “50 Seeds of Greatness”

Germaine Moody 50 Seeds of Greatness

Magician Brian Role’ adds magic to the spectacular combination of contributors in historic book by Germaine Moody, “50 Seeds of Greatness”.

Some say it’s a miracle, others say it’s technology! But could it possibly be the magic of magician Brian Role’ of Malta help unite over three hundred business professionals from around the world. Each to answer the question “What does Greatness mean to me?” in ground braking and historic book by Germaine Moody “50 Seeds of Greatness”?

357 contributors in 106 countries

Brian made magic his professional international career, since 2000, when performing in Villahermosa Mexico for more than 250,000 people. Since then he continues to travel the world performing close up and stage illusions. He provides audiences of all nationalities a sense of amazement and wonder.

357 contributors, including Brian, in 106 countries, took part in the book. This the largest global collaboration on any book in publishing history. It is now pending entrance into the Guinness Book of World Records.

In “50 Seeds of Greatness”, Moody examines the power within us all to experience greatness and to become an endless asset to the world, selecting 50 seeds or topics such as “Timing”, “Preparation”, “Opportunity”, “Dream”, Sacrifice”, “Dominion”, “Listen With Golden Ears”, “Success”, “Inspiration” and many more, sharing how our lives, likened to seeds, can produce an abundance of whatever we desire, while also leaving a legacy of our presence on Earth.

“After reading about the “50 Seeds of Greatness” project, I felt inspired by it. It brings me much delight to have the opportunity to spread a seed of greatness in such a great book. I am sure readers, all over the world, will get inspiration by it as well”, said Brian. Additional contributors include CEO’s, university professors, humanitarians, armed forces, authors, entrepreneurs, life coaches, artists, teachers, actors and more from countries such as Finland, Pakistan, Japan, India, Turkey, Italy, Sudan, France, Honduras, Australia, Philippines, Jordan, Ireland, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Singapore, USA, Bangladesh, South Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, Argentina, Ukraine, the list goes on.

Available on Amazon

“50 Seeds of Greatness” is available on all of Amazon’s sites, Kindle, plus signed copies are available at

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