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Amsterdam Magic Show – Brian Role’s Magic in Amsterdam

Magician Brian Role performs in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Magic Show - Magician Malta

Magician Brian Role performs in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Magic Show - Magician Malta

Amsterdam Magic Show – “Brian presents visual acts that creates great impact on the audience present as well as a mind blowing borrowed signed bill to impossible location

Magic in Amsterdam

An amazing show with an amazing international cast. 

A few weeks ago, Brian was invited to appear and perform at the Amsterdam Magic Show. Brian performed along side a cast of magicians including Amsterdam’s very own Fritz.


The sold out Amsterdam Magic Show, in which Brian performed, consisting of an international cast, was well received by the audience present. Lasting over 2 hrs, various acts from comedy to mind reading were presented throughout the evening of magic in Amsterdam.

The show included the energetic act by Zippo, an upcoming magician one should keep their eye on. There was also a very clever and well received comedy routine by Fritz. Following that was a Pick-Pocket act by the very able…….. The purple magician…….., presented a unique performance and highly entertaining act. Ricco the magician provided a very clever routine and there was mentalism. The mind reading, predictions and mentalist effects were performed  by …….. who also hosted the show throughout the evening. The variety and different styles of magicians in The Amsterdam Magic show is what makes this evening an excellent night out in Amsterdam.

During his appearance, Brian presented visual acts with great impact on the audience present. His mind blowing borrowed signed bill to impossible location being one of the funny highlights. The presentation came with a touch of comedy, with Brian’s unique twist on humour.  Brian’s act was received with great reception by the warm and enthusiastic full house audience. This will not be the last time for Brian in Amsterdam as the door is open for Brian him to perform there again in the very near future. Before that, Brian is planning more performances abroad coming up in 2019.

Ongoing Performances 

Brian does perform most of the acts on a regular basis in most of his shows. You are sure to find Brian perform somewhere close to you in Malta on a regular basis. One of his regular shows is the weekly show in Malta’s only theatre of Magic, the Chamber of Mysteries

In October, Fritz will be visiting Malta and will perform once again alongside Brian exclusively at the Chamber of Mysteries dinner show. Bookings can be made on the Chamber of Mysteries website.

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